Travall Sillguards

Fits these models: Grand Cherokee...
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Form-fitting and vehicle-specific, Travall Sillguards shield against scuffs and dents where your vehicle sees the most foot traffic: the door sills. Cover up existing damage and prevent future scratches with door sill protectors that will last the life of your vehicle.

Vehicle-specific design for precision fit
Premium quality
Easy at-home installation
Product warranty
Pack Specification
  • Covers existing scuffs and scratches on your door sills. Durable and easy to clean.
  • Original quality vehicle specific design.
  • Protects against footwear, dog claws, cargo, shopping, luggage and more.
  • Supplied with 3Mª tape, a cleaning wipe and simple-to-follow fitting guide.
  • BrandTravall
  • ColorSilver
  • MaterialStainless Steel
  • OriginGermany
  • Vehicle modification requiredNo
  • Warranty12 months Warranty [Against manufacturing defect only]
  • Installation time15 Minutes
Frequently Asked Questions
Fits these vehicles

This Travall Guard will fit these models:

Jeep Grand Cherokee (2008-2010)
Jeep Grand Cherokee (2005-2008)

Stainless Steel Door Sill Protectors Shaped to Your Vehicle

Made of thicker-than-average stainless steel, Travall guards are rust and scratch resistant to stay looking good for the long-haul. Each vehicle-specific set of sill guards matches the exact shape and curve of your car's door sill, extending over the edge for additional coverage.

Easy At-Home Installation

Installing a set of Travall Sillguards is as simple as mark, peel, and place. The included 3Mª automotive-grade tape keeps the sill guards firmly in place for permanent adhesion. Once installed, Travall Sillguards require no maintenance beyond regular car washing and a quick wipe-down when needed.

Available for 2-Door and 4-Door Vehicles

Since many cars and SUVs are available in 2- and 4-door models, we offer sets of Travall Sillguards with 2- and 4-door options. That way you get the correct number of sill guards for the vehicle you drive.

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