Full height barrier from trunk floor to ceiling.

Limited lifetime warranty
Rattle-free fit
Easy at-home installation
Fitting kit included

Full height coverage

Introducing the world’s leading vehicle-specific pet barrier - taken to the max!

Maximum protection

Guard Plus is the ultimate way to prevent the contents of your trunk from entering the passenger cabin.

*Travall Guard also available

10 reasons to upgrade to Travall® Guard Plus
Reduces driving distractions
No more worrying about your dog jumping over the seat means your focus stays on the road.
Keeps pets and luggage contained
Provides a dedicated space for your dog and all the gear and supplies you need for an adventure-filled life.
Maximizes trunk load capacity . . . and peace of mind
Stack boxes or luggage high in the trunk knowing it’s all contained behind the full vehicle height Guard Plus.
Prevents dog-induced damage to the rest of the car
Seats and seatbelts are now out of reach of chewing or scratching.
Helps organize car loads
Extremely helpful when transporting belongings during a move or bringing home large items or home improvement supplies.
Understated style blends in with most car interiors
The Travall Guard Plus looks like it was always meant to be there, whether you have upholstery that’s dark, light, or somewhere in between.
Easy at-home installation, no vehicle alterations necessary
You don’t have to pay someone to install a Travall Guard Plus. Just follow the instructions provided and your new Travall Guard Plus will soon be road-ready.
A perfect fit, no guesswork or measuring
We did the work of measuring and comparing dimensions for you by designing hundreds of vehicle-specific barriers. Select your car today to get started!
OEM quality for half the price
Crafted in Derby, England, a city regarded for its engineering and manufacturing heritage, the Travall Guard Plus is designed and constructed to exacting standards at or exceeding those of similar products sold through dealerships—all for roughly half the price.
Safe and secure
Once installed, your Travall Guard Plus isn’t going to budge, meaning you won’t have to listen to any annoying rattling noises!

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