Adventure-proof your trunk, in under 1 minute.

1-year warranty
Durable rubber compound
Installed in minutes
Easy clean

Say hello to your trunk’s best friend

Fits fast, fits perfectly. The original Travall CargoMat really is fit for your every adventure.

Two ways you’ll love the Travall CargoMat

Bristling with technical features, the Travall CargoMat simply shrugs off muck, wear and tear. It’s also a superior quality upgrade, which totally transforms the look and feel of your trunk space.

10 reasons to upgrade to Travall® CargoMat
The ‘like-new’ appearance
Keep your car’s trunk as clean as can be with the Travall CargoMat and prevent any damage to your car’s trunk upholstery.
Haul anything and everything without the damage
Don’t shy away from transporting dirty items in your car or SUV thanks to Travall CargoMat’s extra-thick, extra-durable material.
Fits your car trunk perfectly
Travall CargoMats are designed specifically for the car you drive, meaning that it is guaranteed to meet the exact measurements of your car’s trunk.
Cleaning made easy
The flexible rubber used in Travall CargoMats means they are incredibly easy to clean. Wipe away any small spills or simply take them out, wash them off and back in they go.
Ready for a quick and easy installation
No cutting, trimming or altering. Simply slide the Travall CargoMat into your trunk and you’re good to go!
Control the mess
Featuring anti-slip technology and a raised outer lip, liquids, debris and other messes are controlled from reaching your trunk floor.
Long-term durability
Thanks to our flexible, crack-resistant and durable rubber, you can count on the Travall CargoMat to combat everyday wear and tear.
Limit existing damage to your trunk’s upholstery
Not the time for a costly repair? Want to prevent future damage? Travall CargoMats are the solution to cover up existing damage whilst also preventing future damage.
Easily remove dog hair
We know that travel is made better with your furry friend, and thanks to Travall CargoMat you can stop stressing about the hair left behind! The flexible rubber allows for easy cleaning. Simply wipe the hair out with a rag or take the mat out and give it a good shake!
Reduces road noise
The thick rubber material used in Travall CargoMat effectively works as a sound proofer in your car by absorbing the shock and hushing noises from your tires.

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