If your line of work often has you traveling with tools and heavy equipment in the rear of your vehicle the Travall Guard will prove to be an invaluable source of comfort and safety. Constructed using a high-quality mild steel, our guards help prevent seemingly harmless items from traveling through the passenger cabin in the event of a collision or impact. As many people are unaware, every year thousands of people are injured and killed in vehicle collisions. Fortunately, many of these injuries are easily preventable by the installation of a Travall Guard. Easy to install and to remove as needed the Travall Guard offers drivers protection from their cargo while on the road.

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Providing drivers with a secure barrier between the passenger cabin and their cargo is just one of the many benefits of the Travall Guard. Ideal for work vehicles in which maximizing storage space is of the utmost importance, our guard is best complemented by the Travall Divider. The ideal companion piece to our bestselling guards, the Travall Divider allows drivers to efficiently organize their cargo using an adjustable compartment system engineered exclusively for the Travall Guard.

Because work vehicles perform a sizeable portion of the heavy lifting while on the job, here at Travall we’ve also created the Travall Professional Rear Step, a durable van step constructed using aircraft-grade aluminum for secure and easy access to your vehicle. Also available are our range of protective Rubber Car Mats and Trunk Mat Liners ideal for working vehicles and the demands of everyday life. Easy to wipe clean, hose off, or simply shake out as needed our hardwearing Rubber Car Mats and Trunk Mat Liners protect your vehicle’s interior from wear and tear while minimizing the appearance of any existing damage. Sure to keep your car looking as good as new our range of Travall products are guaranteed to work as hard as you do.

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