Travall Car Accessories

Crafted using a high-grade mild steel with a unique nylon-powder coating, the Travall Guard is our most popular and versatile vehicle accessory. Designed for the car you drive the Travall Guard is guaranteed to be a perfect fit and easy to install. Providing drivers with a secure barrier between the passenger cabin and the trunk of their vehicle, the Travall Guard prevents excitable pets from climbing over seats and distracting drivers while on the road.

Today, nearly 60% of North American households include pets, the majority of which regularly travel with their owners in the car. With so many pets on the road it stands to reason that animal vehicular safety should be of the utmost importance. Here at Travall, we prioritize the safety of all passengers, of which your pets are no exception. Designed to make every car journey as safe and as stress-free as possible our range of vehicle-specific accessories are suitable for even the liveliest of pets.

Travall Car Accessories
Travall Pet Barrier

For curious pets we recommend the Travall Divider, the ideal companion piece to our bestselling barriers. The addition of the Travall Divider gives drivers the opportunity to maximize their vehicle’s available storage space using an adjustable compartment system, while ensuring inquisitive noses are kept well away from any groceries they may be traveling alongside. For drivers with multiple pets our dividers offer each companion their own space within the vehicle. Of course; if you’re traveling with multiple pets you may want to consider the wear and tear of muddy paws and claws on your vehicle’s interior. Luckily, Travall has you covered. From our hardwearing Trunk Mat Liners to our flexible Rubber Car Mats our selection of vehicle-specific products is guaranteed to enhance the comfort and safety of pets and passengers while ensuring your vehicle’s interior looks as good as new.

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