Travall Guard and Divider products
come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty

Above all else, we believe that quality and design are what sets Travall apart.

We are confident in our product and offer a unique, limited lifetime warranty which means that our Travall Guards and Dividers are guaranteed against manufacturing defects that may arise under normal and acceptable usage during the lifetime of your accessories.

Travall is the largest vehicle-specific barrier manufacturer in the world, with hundreds of different vehicle makes and models available. Each and every one designed to the exact specifications of the vehicle you drive.

Our dedicated design team of skilled and experienced engineers measure every critical aspect of each vehicle, taking into account the seats, sunroof mechanism, and load cover cassettes to ensure a precise and protective installation.

Travall pet barriers are manufactured from steel, following a unique oval profile that is specific to each Guard and Divider that provides increased strength. All tube and sheet metal parts are precision laser-cut and then welded using a combination of both robotic and manual processes to achieve the best possible result. We finish the manufacturing process with our environmentally friendly, nylon powder coating.

Assembled Guards and components are dipped in a bed of nylon powder coat to ensure total coverage and then baked at a very high temperature to bond the nylon coating to the steel, resulting in an ultra-durable, metallic grey finish. Once cooled the guards and fitting kits undergo final quality checks before being packed for distribution and sale across the globe.

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