Travall Mats

Designed and manufactured using a combination of the latest technologies, Travall Mats are created especially for the make and model of your vehicle. Made from a hardwearing rubber compound, our mats are rugged and designed to last without the fading and cracking often found in generic rubber mats.

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Rubber Car Mats
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Our car mats sport an attractive and practical tire-tread pattern that aids traction. The raised outer lip that’s standard in all of our car mats works to contain spills and liquids from even reaching your car’s carpeting causing stains or damage. If you have rowdy passengers, you’ll find these qualities particularly helpful.

Travall Mats

Although extremely tough, our rubber car mats are very flexible making them incredibly easy to install and to remove for cleaning and maintenance. You will also notice an audible reduction in road noise making conversation or listening to music easier. Each set includes mats for the front and rear areas of your car which are guaranteed to make cleaning the floor of your car a quick and easy affair.


Nuestras Alfombrillas de Goma para Coche son fáciles de instalar

Our vehicle-specific floor mats are simple to install, as their fixings are created to align with the existing anchor points in your car. Because Travall Mats come made for the specific make and model of your car they stay firmly in place, thereby eliminating any potentially hazardous slipping or sliding while driving.

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