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Travall is the world's leading producer of vehicle-specific guards and dividers. We design and manufacture guards and dividers for more vehicle makes and models than any other company in the world. In such a competitive market you might be wondering what sets our guards apart from the rest. The answer is simple. Unlike many generically manufactured car barriers, each Travall Guard is designed and manufactured with your vehicle in mind. Engineered to give you the perfect fit, you’ll find our guards complementary to your vehicle’s interior. They're also free from the rattling, a common attribute of lower quality, universal barriers. Constructed using your vehicle’s interior specifications, our bestselling pet barriers are simple to install and to remove as needed. 

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Travall Guard

The Travall Guard combines design innovation, engineering excellence, and premium-quality materials to create a high-end guard unlike any other. Backed by our Limited Lifetime Warranty, each of our guards is constructed from a high-grade mild steel with an oval profile for additional strength and improved visibility. Laser-cut and precision-welded using an advanced center-line technique, we’re able to ensure our guards are free from any burrs and sharp edges that could potentially catch on cargo or scratch passengers and pets. We use a unique nylon-powder coating as a finish that is three times thicker than that of other guards. This environmentally friendly coating makes our barriers highly scratch resistant in a sleek, dark gray.

Travall Guard

When it comes to selecting a guard for your vehicle we know there are countless options available, from low quality and inexpensive universal guards to costly pet barriers fitted by dealers. Regardless of your price-range or priorities, here at Travall we believe that no one else can compare to the superior combination of cost and quality offered by the Travall Guard.


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