Travall SillGuard

Travall SillGuards

Keeping your vehicle in great shape can take time and effort, and some areas of your car can use protection beyond a wipe or spray-on product. Your door sills are an area that is readily damaged by shoes, accessories and even your pets when they enter or exit the vehicle. Protect your doorsills from paint and bodywork damage with our stainless steel SillGuards.


  • Guard against bumps, knocks and taps that can cause paint damage or worse.
  • Cover any existing damage and guards against future wear and all while enhancing your vehicle's appearance.
  • Travall SillGuards protect your sills from damage and are rust proof.


Travall Sill Guard

Travall product excellence

  • Our stainless steel SillGuards are thicker than our competitors, giving increased protection.
  • Manufactured from premium materials to our exacting standards.
  • A permanent accessory that will last for the life of your vehicle.


Easy DIY installation

  • After cleansing the sills the installation process is as simple as mark, peel and place.
  • Shipped with our easy to follow instructions and installation kit.
  • Secured with automotive-grade 3M™ tape, the industry leader.


Travall Sill Guard for Car

You’ll find Travall SillGuards available for both 2-door and 4-door vehicles. Nothing compares to a Travall accessory when it comes to protection, fit and utility, whether it’s our bumper protectors, car mats and liners or the world-class Travall Guard and Divider. They’re expertly engineered to make home installation easy. You’ve made the right choice in choosing Travall.

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