Accessories for Lincoln

Travall, as a company, is an international brand known for its excellent customer service and premium vehicle specific accessories. Since day one, our tradition of high quality products designed with our customers in mind has been an integral part of Travall. We have proudly designed accessories to fit the Lincoln MKX, they will fit flawlessly and without any alteration to either the accessories or your vehicle. Our Travall Guards, Dividers, Mats, Liners and Protectors are all vehicle specific, you will find that our fit and quality are second to none.

Travall Guard

Known for its distinctive quality, Lincoln has incorporated a host of technological safety features in its vehicles. Sometimes, you just need a barrier for pets and cargo to keep all of the occupants of the vehicle safe in the case of an accident or sudden stop. Our high grade steel and nylon powder coated Travall Guard, is the response to this need. The installation process takes a little over 10 minutes without any alteration or damage to your Lincoln. It’s readily removed and reinstalled when the occasion requires it. With a limited lifetime guarantee, you’ll be using your Travall guard for the life of your Lincoln.

Travall Divider

We offer a companion accessory to our Travall Guard, the Travall Divider, for anyone who wants more organizational capabilities in their cargo area. Sometimes, you just need a little bit of space between your groceries and your gym bag, or between your dog and, well, everything else. Manufactured of the same high quality materials and in the very same facility as our Travall guards, our trunk divider is made to match your vehicle. And because no detail is too small, our cargo divider is rattle free.

Travall Mats

Keeping your Lincoln’s interior in spotless condition involves a visit to the detailers. Why not extend the length of time in between visits by adding our Travall Mats to your vehicle? Our injection molded floor mats made from a hard wearing rubber compound create a barrier between the world and your carpet. Not only are they impervious to liquids, any crumbs or dirt are trapped within the raised edge and easily removed. Generic car mats can only approximate their fit, with Travall Mats you know that they will fit like a glove.

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Travall Liner

You use your cargo area on a daily basis, from hauling groceries and projects to building materials, sports equipment and pets. Protect your cargo area from everyday dirt and stains with our Travall Liner. Our signature raised edge traps liquids, dirt and crumbs in the main area of the trunk mat for easy clean up. Made from the same high grade materials as our Travall Mat, this vehicle specific cargo liner will last for the life of your Lincoln.

Travall Protector

Your rear bumper is a high traffic area, and awkward and heavy loads aren’t unheard of. Do yourself a favor and safeguard your Lincoln’s bumper with our Travall Protector. As bumper protectors go our Travall Protector is distinctly different. Designed specifically for your Lincoln of high-quality materials, it will guard your bumper from scrapes, scratches and paint chips brought on by cargo loading.

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Enjoy the journey

Travall products are designed intuitively. It just makes sense to create a barrier, floor mats, or cargo mat to fit your vehicle specifically. We feel that a precision fit beats a universal product any day. Not only do they look better, but they offer greater protection, whatever the product. Our customer service is there for you every step of the way, from your initial order all the way to the end of the line. Travall, we’re there for the journey.