Frequently Asked Questions

Will a Travall Guard from a similar size car fit my vehicle?
No, Travall guards are designed to fit each specific make and model, so are not interchangeable, even with vehicle of a similar size or type.

Are Travall Guards available in other colours?
Travall guards and dividers are finished in neutral grey nylon-powder coating, as we find that this colour complements the majority of vehicle interiors.

My car is fitted with curtain air bags. Will the installation of a Travall Guard obstruct the air bags in the event of an accident?
No, all Travall guards and dividers are carefully designed so as not to hinder or obstruct air bag deployment in the event of a collision.

My vehicle is fitted with a sunroof. Will a Travall Guard still fit correctly?
Wherever possible, we try to develop guards to fit both non-sunroof and sunroof versions of a particular vehicle. Those fitted with a sunroof generally have a lower roof lining to incorporate the sunroof mechanism. This can lead to fitting problems on some models, so please read the product listings thoroughly and, if in doubt, email us at

I have misplaced some parts from my Travall Guard fitting kit. Is it possible to order the parts required?
Yes, we can supply parts to order. Please contact our customer service team on for a replacement.

I am looking to buy a Travall Guard, but there are two different vehicles shown for my model year, how do I choose?
Sometimes vehicle manufacturers continue to sell old stock of the outgoing model alongside a brand new model, which can be confusing. Look carefully at the photographs of the vehicles on our site, and if you still can't decide, please email a photograph of the vehicle (preferably front and rear views) to us at We'll then be able to help you choose the right accessories for your vehicle.

Where are Travall guards and dividers made?
Travall guards and dividers are designed and manufactured in Derby, a city at the heart of the United Kingdom famous for its engineering heritage.

Are Travall products easy to install?

The Travall Guard can usually be fitted in less than 15 minutes, while our dividers take just minutes to install. Both can be removed quickly and easily when not required on a journey.

Will a Travall divider fit with another brand of dog guard?
No, Travall dividers are only compatible with Travall dog guards and are not designed to be used with any other manufacturer’s product.

I’ve lost the fitting guide that came with my Dog Guard, can I get a replacement?
You’ll find exactly the same step-by-step installation guide on the appropriate product page on our website. This is in a format which can be both saved and printed.

I'm having problems fitting a Travall Guard into my car, what should I do?
If you are experiencing any problems with fitting a Travall product, or are unsure about a particular point in the fitting guide, please email us at Please have your order number order, product number handy so that our customer service team can resolve any problems quickly and effectively.

Have your guards been crash tested?
We have a video covering the manufacture and safety aspects of the Travall Guard, including crash testing. Just click here to view it.

Can the load cover/parcel shelf still be used with the Travall Guard in place?

There are very few Travall guards which don't allow you to also use the parcel shelf while the guard is fitted.

Can the Divider be fixed into alternative positions?

While existing dividers can only be placed in a central position, the majority of newer versions of the Travall Divider can be installed in any one of three positions.         

If you have a question about Travall products that's not been covered here, just give us a call or email us at